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Electronic Document
Management Solution

An organization is a complex structure with several departments and resources performing their individual functions. The entire gamut of business activities produces large volumes of business data and allied documents.

Electronic Document Management System enables quick and easy access to these documents with prior approval. It simplifies document storage, sorting, management, and utilization in a data-secured environment. You can focus on core issues for improving sales, customer relations, and other operational and management priorities.

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Your Business
Document Repository

Upgrading your organization with automation can be the best business investment you have ever made. The prevailing conditions demand accuracy without losing any time for it. You can best address this requirement through automation solutions like the SFTdox.

Electronic Document Management System enables quick and easy access to these documents by approved individuals. The web-based solution simplifies document storage, sorting, management, and utilization in a data-secured environment.

  • Stringent Data Security

    Uncompromised data security ensuring confidentiality.

  • Time Smart

    No time wasted searching documents and their arrival from other departments.

  • Paperless Office

    Documents stored as data on the cloud, centrally located with authorized accessibility.

  • Hassle-free document management

    Simplified document storage and management with authorized access.

Optimize Every Touchpoint in the Document Management System

The Electronic Document Management System is a packaged deal that comes with a license for use, implementation, and support services. It is a key tool that can enhance organizational functions and is important for companies for every scale.

  • Email Documents from within System

  • Document Indexing and Searching

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Core Document Management

  • Document Version History

  • Bulk Upload Documents

  • Document Sharing

  • Document History

  • AutoCad (DWG and DXF) Viewing Support

  • LDAP / Active Directory Integration

  • Mobile Application (Android/IOS)

  • Workflows with E-form

  • Records Management

  • MS Office Integration

  • Barcode Integration

  • Hot Folder

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Insights to Get you started

Choosing the right Document Management Solution is no small feat. We collected a couple of insightful resources to help you identify your needs and navigate the sea of options. Continue your research:

Document Management Software FAQ

  • Q.

    A.Regular business operation and management produce a huge number of documents. All these are crucial business information that must be stored safely and securely. SFTdox is a Document Management System. It is a customized software for accommodating business documents either on an organization server or on the cloud. It stores, updates, track and manage records in a data-secured environment. Only authorized individuals can access the records.

  • Q.

    A.Requirement for space, for storing organization records keeps increasing with every passing day. When you need one document, you need to go through the piled-up files to find it. It takes up a substantial amount of time, energy, and focus which you could have invested in core requirements. SFTdox digitizes documentation, storage, usage, and management. Your documents are stored as data on servers or clouds; access it from anywhere and anytime. It supports flexible working, ensures its security by allowing authorized access only. It enables you to operate and manage a paperless office, curtail stationery and related costs.

  • Q.

    A.Flawless record-keeping, secured storage, usage, and smooth document management are some of the keys assured utilities that you can expect from SFTdox. It lets you work faster, more efficiently, and with more flexibility. As regular business operation keeps generating data, it automatically gets stored in an allotted space following a defined path. Authorized users can access, use, and update it following the protocols. Every time data gets updated, it marks the user who edits it. Thus, keeping a track of the data and preventing unwanted manipulation of the same.

  • Q.

    A.Swift and flawless operations are important prerequisites of every business, irrespective of its industry and size. An open-source document management system brings in a host of benefits like workflow automation, a higher degree of flexibility, freedom from physical storage space, improved security for data storage, better data recovery, and more.

  • Q.

    A.Often the line between a document management system (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) seems to blur but know what differentiates one from the other. We have mentioned before that SFTdox is one of the most refined document management systems. We have also elaborated what a document management system is but if you are still confusing it with an ECM, then remember that an ECM is more precise and intelligent. An ECM can easily identify content within a document, and even know when and whom to send it. While a document management system stores, updates, allows authorized usage and management of documents an ECM performs a notch higher. It helps in email management, digital asset management, imaging, document-based collaboration, managing business processes, and other heavy-duty stuff.

  • Q.

    A.Better and more convenient accessibility, reduced dependency on stationery and other equipment, lesser paper usage reducing deforestation, rapid deployment, heightened security, swift business operation and management. These are the key benefits of shifting to a cloud-based document management system.

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